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3D Scanning

Using different methods and technology we are able to scan environments and assets in 3D.

Creative Agency


To get the best possible results we continue to develop products that help our clients achieve their goals.

Creative Agency


We developed our own SLAM algorithm which we use to convert LiDAR scans into highly accurate 3d models that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

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About us

Sonarski facilitates the 3D scanning of assets, using our own developed SLAM algorithm. We continue to research possibilities to make our scans more accurate and combine different techniques such as photogrammetry to further develop our work. We create prototypes to aid us in our scanning process and work with other companies and their products to get the best possible outcome. We have a specialised team that is flexible and adaptive making Sonarski the best and most cost-effective choice, to provide the data that is necessary for the project.

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Highlights in Numbers


Million - Number of samples we collect in 10 minutes of scanning.


Thousand - Samples per second our SLAM algorithm processes on a single core.


Cups - Coffee consumed per 1000 lines of code.

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